Attitude and Motivation

Published by Daniel on September 7th, 2011 - in Attitude

Attitude and Motivation go hand in hand together. The better your attitude toward life the more motivated you will be to succeed at anything you do. So you might ask how does having the right attitude motivate me to do anything? Keep reading and I will explain how having a great attitude will benefit you and I will also give you some ideas to help you develop a great attitude.

So what is an attitude exactly?

Well an attitude is a judgement toward a particular person, place, thing, object, etc. It is generally how you feel toward  that item usually its either positive or negative. It can however be both. Its your driving force when a situation arises which will control your response and reaction. The same situation with the same background can happen to two different people such as a flat tire. I’ll give you two examples here one positive and one negative saying that these people have the exact same deadlines on time, same money, same car, same lifestyle, etc. almost like they are clones. The only difference will be their attitudes.

The first person has a great attitude and sees this as an opportunity to take a break to get some fresh air. This person might also time him or her self to make it into a game seeing if they can beat there previous time. They are thankful that nobody was hurt and plan to immediately have their tires checked on all their vehicles to try and prevent more accidents. When they are done they feel excited and motivated because they just accomplished something and resolved a problem in excellent time. This person will continue the day feeling great and thankful.

The second person has a crummy attitude and blames everything and everyone for his or her problems. This flat happened to them and they always have problems like this. Someone probably threw out a bottle on purpose to give him the flat tire. Now he is going to have to spend more hard earned money on unnecessary purchases. People are always causing him to be late and he thinks now that his appointment will be cancelled. He is angry and frustrated and task becomes harder and takes a long time to complete. After he is done he spends the rest of the day taking his frustration out on anyone who comes across his path. His blood pressure is high and he feels miserable. He just wants this day to end and goes home and goes to bed doing nothing else.

This is very realistic and these type things happen to us everyday. There are two ways to handle anything that is thrown your way, either as a problem or a challenge. Problems are happening to people and challenges build a person up stronger. So which attitude would you rather have?

Attitude and Motivation

Attitude and Motivation


Getting a Positive Attitude

OK so obviously you want to have the better attitude toward life. Like I said earlier there really are only two kinds of attitudes positive and negative. The good news for you is that switching attitudes is really easy to do. Actually it only takes about 30 seconds to start thinking positive if you really dedicate and everyone can do it! The hard part is staying in the optimistic attitude all day. We have a tendency to want to blame others, feel bad for things that happen, label things in your life as problems, get angry, etc.



There are some really easy tricks to help you think positive. Here’s some examples:


  • Think of Problems as Challenges
  • Avoid Drama and People Who Cause Drama(including TV shows)
  • Be Thankful for Everything (Good or Bad)
  • Try to Find a Positive in All Situations even the Negative Ones
  • Spend 30 Minutes Each Day In Personal Development(your on a great site now bookmark it :)
  • Do Something Nice For Someone or Volunteer Some Time
  • Don’t Procrastinate (Getting Things Done in a Timely Matter Helps Avoid Unnecessary Frustration)
  • Learn and Use Time Management (get places early to account for things that might happen)
  • SMILE!!!

I hope this helps you and you realize how much of an effect your attitude has on the quality of your life. Once you get this optimistic attitude going you will be motivated to do great things in life. Post any comments or experiences in the forums here on motivation and happiness so we can grow as a group. Good Luck!

Attitude and Motivation

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